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Becoming Inclusive

Many studios are missing an easy money-making opportunity to generate extra revenue. 

Additional Revenue: Dance + Inclusion = Cash Flow Solution. By including disabled and senior students you will increase your studio income and your cash flow.

Disability Spending.jpg

Never worry about losing your high school seniors again. By including disabled and seniors into your empty morning and early afternoon class schedule, you will have compensated for that consistent yearly drop-in clients.

Becoming Inclusive


Is your studio welcoming and accessible for seniors and the disabled?

We will walk through your studio and determine any areas that need simple adjustments, plus we will show you how to prepare and acclimate your new clients to your inclusive studio.


How will you know what physical/cognitive abilities your new senior and disabled clients will have access to?

Just as you need to know your non-disabled students, you need to know your senior and disabled students as well. We will give you a sample template of questions to ask when you interview them so your instructors will have a clear understanding of their students.

Do you and your dance educators know how to teach an inclusive/integrated dance class?

Inclusive Dance meets Accessible Instruction. By adding the The Tap for All Course and Certification, how to teach the disabled will be made easy.

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