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The Tap for All program offers classes to help educate studio owners, teachers and students and provides them with the necessary educational tools to be INCLUSIVE.

The classes are offered at a wide variety of locations throughout Southern California. 

Current Locations:

Atria Simi Hills

Atria Grand Oaks

Belmont Senior Living (Calabasas)

Belmont Senior Living (Thousand Oaks)

Hillcrest Royale

Goebel Adult Community Center

Center of Achievement (Cal State Northridge)


If you would like to know how to add this fun, dynamic, beneficial class to your studio or facility, we would love to connect with you and tell you more about how you too can increase your income and client base by adding the Tap for All program.


Welcome to Victoria Moore’s Tap for All Experience Workshop


These two workshops are where tap goes from exclusive to inclusive. I have heard from the non-disabled dance community that fear and lack of knowledge are the two main reasons for not welcoming the disabled and seniors into their studios and classes. I have created the solution with my Tap for All Experience workshop, and it’s a win-win for everyone! Furthermore, WE COME TO YOU!!! The Workshop can be easily facilitated at your studio or facility you run your programs.


Student workshop

In the student workshop participants will explore the 3 different ways tap can be executed, tap history, transposing choreography, and much, much more.


Teacher Workshop

In the teacher workshop, dance educators will discover the role tap can play, not only physically, but cognitively and emotionally as well. Studio owners and instructors will also learn how to increase their client base and revenue by incorporating seniors and the disabled - two completely untapped populations.


Check out both workshops below, and reach out to me to set up your in-studio workshop. Dance belongs to everyone, and I can show you how to make your studio and your teachers inclusive and welcoming to all.



Suggested Levels: 

Mini’s: 6-9 years old

Beg/Int: 9 or 10+

Adv: 12 or 13+


⧫ All classes are 1 hour classes except the mini’s which will be 45 minutes  ⧫





30 minutes - Registration

1 hour - Introduction: Victoria + Tap for All Program + Tap History

20 mins - Warm up + Set up (gloves / boards / chairs)

1.5 hours - Choreography in 3 Modalities: Stand Up Tap / Chair Tap / Hand Tap

(Dancers will explore how to transpose choreography with limited accessibility)

30 mins - Break

1 hour - Master Class (students split into different levels if there are multiple levels)

30 mins - "Get Creative" (students will take what they have learned and create a short piece to be showcased)

15 mins - Student Showcase 

15-30 mins - Studio Company Showcase with Critiques (if applicable)

15 mins - Wrap Up with Q&A


Approximate Total Time: around 6 hours





30 minutes - Registration

15 mins - Introduction: Victoria + Tap for All Program

20 mins - Dance: Mind, Body, and Soul (cognitive, physical, and emotion benefits)

20 mins - Dance: Diseases, Conditions, and Age Group Considerations

20 mins - Dance: The Power of Music

15 mins - Break

1 hour - Choreography in 3 modalities: Stand Up Tap / Chair Tap / Hand Tap

(Teachers will explore how to create and transpose choreography with limited accessibility)

30 mins - Exclusive to Inclusive

(Benefits of Creating an Inclusive Studio and How To Do It)

15 mins - Teacher Showcase

15 mins - Wrap Up with Q&A


Approximate Total Time: around 4 hours


If the Student and Teacher Tap for All Experiences are being condensed to one day, I will tailor the schedule accordingly.

workshop pricing

With a wide variety of options for Local and Out-of-State workshops, packages are optimized for each client. 

For Workshop Pricing, email Victoria at

Student Workshop
Teacher Workshop
Typical Workshop Schedule
Workshop Pricing
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